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Organic search engine optimisation can take 12-18 months to have an effect due to age-deflation factors in the Google algorithm. Paid results, by contrast, take effect immediately and start a stream of traffic to your site. The right way to view our pay per click management or paid advertising is as a useful addition to a decent organic campaign, rather than the other way around.

Whether buying online or searching for a telephone number, your potential customers are turning more and more to the internet for information. The majority of people, will at some point probably have used Google to search online or signed up for a social network like; Facebook, Instagram, Bebo, LinkedIn, etc.

Unlike traditional advertising, with Pay Per Click you only pay for the result – a click onto your website. It also provides an unparalleled level of targeting – allowing you to display your ads specifically to those actively looking for the products and/or services related to your business.

One of the best ways to get quality traffic to your website is with our Pay Per Click management, it will increase your marketing potential and help you gain large amounts of quality targeted traffic in as little as 48 hours. Our experienced pay per click management team will offer you an advertising solution that will bring an increase in traffic and an increase in your ROI.

Our Pay Pr Click Management Services include: Match driver selection, Ad text optimisation, Landing page optimisation and Campaign management

Only about 35% of searchers ever click on paid results and most web users consider organic results to be more authoritative (as they have been earned by reputation rather than bid for with money). There are a number of valid reasons to run a PPC campaign alongside an organic campaign; Temporary boosting traffic, Permanent use in the targeting of long-tail phrases, Permanent use in very competitive main search terms where organic dominance may take years to achieve, Permanent use in short-lived business promotional campaigns and permanent use in the qualification of leads, through the use of advanced match drivers.

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The Google “sponsored links” shown on the right and in yellow on the left towards the top of the page are paid advertisers.  You can appear at the top with them almost immediately with a pay per click campaign. Make sure your business is in front of your potential customers now.

We offer a full internet marketing solution including PPC setup and a complete AdWords campaign management.

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