Small Fixes

[evc_section_title text_alignment=”left” enable_separator=”yes” title=”Some information about the ‘small fixes’ included in our website care plans” text=”If you need anything else, feel free to reach out on [email protected]”]

Theme Maintenance:

  • Install and activate 1 custom theme or purchased theme.
  • Update any number of installed themes to the current live release of the theme.
  • If none are specified, we will update the currently active theme.
  • Enable logs and/or debug mode to diagnose the issue.
  • Attempt to resolve the issue if the website or logs reveal a theme related error.
  • Create and activate a child theme.
  • Modify 1 of the following for a theme:
    • Header
    • Sidebar
    • CSS
    • Background

Plugin/Addon Maintenance:

  • Install and activate 1 custom plugin or purchased plugin.
  • Update any number of installed plugin(s) to the current live release.
  • You must specify which plugin(s) to update.
  • Enable logs and/or debug mode to diagnose the issue.
  • Attempt to resolve the issue if the website or logs reveal a plugin related error.
  • Enable a specified PHP module installed on the Hosting (up to 5)
  • Modify the value of a PHP setting (up to 5)
  • Enable or disable debug mode
  • Enable or disable cache
  • Generate configuration file Authentication Keys
  • Remove FTP prompt when installing or updating a plugin

Database Management: 

  • Update up to 5 domain, data, or table prefixes in a WordPress database
    • “Data” Example: Change company name from ABC to XYZ across all pages and posts
  • Update database connection information in configuration.
  • Update permalinks to any of the predefined styles or a custom style.
  • Diagnose and attempt to fix any permalinks related errors.
  • Import 1 database from a backup to the specified database.
  • Export 1 database, and place the file into the hosting account.
  • Optimize database by removing gaps in the data.

Website Evaluation: This service includes:

  • Confirm website is not blocking search engines from crawling 1 site.
  • **Evaluate and report on the following:
    • URL Canonicalization.
    • Appropriate title pixel length.
    • Appropriate description length test.
    • Linked to a Google+ Brand Page.
    • Sitemap.
    • Robots.txt file.
    • Homepage image descriptions.
  • This service includes:
    • Evaluate and report on the following
      • Website load time.
      • Plugins.
      • Site size.
      • External Scripts.
    • Provide recommendations based on the report.

Administrative Updates:

  • Reduce the load time of a site by reducing the size of images without affecting their quality.
  • Add a Favicon using the provided image.
  • Convert image to an appropriate format
  • Install comment spam prevention plugin.
  • Modify discussion settings
    • Examples:
      • Add requested items to comment blacklist.
      • Disable comments for the entire site.
      • Disable trackbacks for the entire site.
      • Disable comments on old posts.
      • Limit number of links in comments.
  • Remove all comments, either active or pending upon request
  • Disable comments or trackback on individual pages (up to 5)
  • Disable external comment requests
  • Unzip content to a Hosting plan
  • WordPress site moved or copied to the specified folder on the same hosting plan.
  • Update an email address from within the WordPress database
  • Correct admin user privileges
  • Reset failed login attempts
  • Disable plugins preventing login
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues preventing images and thumbnails from properly displaying
  • Diagnose and fix errors when uploading media within WordPress Dashboard
  • Diagnose and fix issues preventing media from properly displaying in the WordPress library

CMS Core:

  • Install CMS with the following specifications:
    • Domain.
    • Folder.
    • Email address.
  • Correct failed updates.
  • Manually update CMS versions.
  • Replace CMS core files.
  • Troubleshoot and fix errors related to CMS core files.
  • Update WordPress to the latest available stable release.
  • Diagnose and fix a website that resolves to a blank white page.
  • Diagnose and fix a website that resolves to a 500 Internal Server Error.
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