What Digital Marketing Trends Should You Watch Next Year?

We all know that the digital environment is changing all the time and that you need to constantly be looking for the next big trends to ensure your business stays one step ahead of your competition.

Whether you’re working with a digital marketing agency in Salford or are doing things in-house, there are a number of trends you should watch in the coming 12 months.

Forbes recently highlighted five of the top ones to watch in 2019, with the news provider pointing out that the fundamentals of digital marketing always remain the same, namely getting your audience’s attention. However, the way in which you do that, and where you have to go to reach your customers, is what changes.

Probably unsurprisingly, artificial intelligence (AI) is in at number one. It’s something that can have multiple uses within a marketing context, but is particularly useful in terms of being able to analyse data and provide you with insights.

AI can also be helpful when it comes to scouring your (no doubt) vast database of prospects to find the ones who will be most receptive to a specific campaign or promotion. The capabilities of AI are developing all the time, so it’s likely to become an even more important part of most businesses as we move into 2019.

Next on the list is chatbots. These are being embraced by a growing number of businesses who can see their value in handling generic customer enquiries efficiently and quickly. Although they’re not a new innovation, they’re one that’s gaining increasing traction after adoption being a little slower than anticipated.

Like AI, these are constantly evolving. But it’s important to note that they’re not designed to replace complex human conversations, merely to reduce the amount of time people have to spend answering the same mundane questions.

Influencer marketing is also set to go through some changes in the coming 12 months. The news provider suggested that the change here will be in terms of a focus on local influencer marketing.

This makes it much more applicable to smaller brands who typically operate in a local market. While big celebrity endorsements are all well and good, the vast majority of small businesses don’t have the connections or budget to make these a reality.

Appealing to those in your local area should be the first priority, as they’re the ones who are most likely to use your products or services. Finding local influencers is a good way to broaden your reach in your region.

Live video is another trend to watch in 2019, with the news provider noting that it’s vital to “create a robust content strategy” if you’re going to start using it regularly. You also need to select the platform you want to use for your live videos – think about which channels are less crowded, as well as where your main target audience are likely to be.

A recent article for The Drum suggested that brands need to be careful that they don’t forget about basic marketing in the rush to create video content though. A panel discussion hosted by the publication concluded that video marketing is very insight driven, but that this can sometimes come at the expense of the brand it’s promoting.

Ryan Jamboretz, CCO at Amobee, said that it’s important to “remember the stuff we knew 10-15 years ago”. He stated: “Rather than ripping up the rulebook, basic learnings like frequency of message do apply. You get brands promoting a video and then never showing it again. Simple media planning techniques should be adopted.”

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