How Can 3D Tech Help Your Ecommerce Business?

It’s all about staying one step ahead of the competition in business these days and if you’re mulling over new ecommerce development solutions to help you do just that, now’s probably the time to start looking into the likes of 3D technology and how it could benefit you and your brand.

When buying online, customers run an inherent risk when it comes to products because they can’t touch, see or feel what they’re about to purchase… so you may well find that items are returned afterwards because they don’t match up to consumer expectations once they arrive in the post.

But you can make excellent use of 3D imaging these days to provide people visiting your website with a highly accurate representation of your product, one that’s also interactive so they can choose which bit they’d like to see, zoom in and zoom out, rotate the product, see it working in real life… the possibilities are endless!

This all means that the online shopping experience has taken one step closer to being more like the real deal, out there on the high street in the real world looking at products in real time… but from the comfort of your sofa instead.

As unique selling points go, this one can really help you up the ante where your sales are concerned and with a new year on the horizon, what better time than the present to start exploring new ways of boosting your profit margins.

With that in mind, we thought we’d have a look and see what other trends and changes are coming for online businesses in the near future to help you work out where you want your priorities to lie come 2019. Which of these do you think will help your brand the most?

Virtual assistants

If you’re keen to make the online shopping experience as close to the real thing as possible, you’ll need to have a virtual assistant on hand to help your customers. These can suggest and guide people by answering certain questions, helping to really personalise the customer’s journey through your website.

Augmented reality

Yet again, it’s all about making the online environment as realistic as possible. Take a look at the likes of Ikea Place which actually has an augmented reality app so people can see how furniture will look in their homes before they even buy it.

Kabaq, meanwhile, uses this kind of technology to boost customer engagement by showing them all the dishes on the menu via their smartphones before they order online.


Providing numerous ways to pay will always help to boost your profits and cryptocurrency is looking like it’s going to be one of the biggest ecommerce trends for next year. Paying in this way can lower transaction fees, ensure transactions are faster and make shopping online more secure – all of which will benefit your customers in the end.

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