How to become an eCommerce millionaire


Ecommerce is expanding rapidly, and if you want to become part of it you can.

Today you can open an ecommerce store online without owning any stock and at the cost of just a few dollars. We would say pounds, but on the internet most things are priced in US dollars: pounds are only used if you are restricted to selling in the UK, and why would anyone do that when the whole world is your oyster? In any case, the conversion is simple enough. With the pound at its’ present level a dollar is worth roughly 75 pence, so if you sell something for $100 you just earned £75.

Twenty or thirty years ago if you wanted to open a store it would be bricks and mortar and you needed a small fortune to open for business. Today, you can be sitting in your attic or cellar or garage and start off with less than £50. You don’t even need stock, because you can undertake what is known as dropshipping. This is where you advertise items in your online store which you haven’t bought.

When somebody makes a purchase, they pay you the money. You then go to an online dropshipper, pay them the cost, and they ship it directly to your customer. What could be simpler? You advertise it for, say, $50, yet it only costs you $30, and you got paid before you bought it. There are genuinely people making millions doing exactly this. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, as you might have guessed, there can be a few problems. First, you need to know that your dropshipper is honest and will actually deliver the goods once you have paid him. That requires some research. For instance, there is a very big dropshipper based in China called Alibaba that is reliable and can supply almost anything.

However, the other thing is that you need an online store that actually persuades people to buy the products that you are advertising. If not, you are simply wasting your time. This is where we come into the picture at The Random Agency. We have ecommerce development solutions that will make your online store one which will show people the products that you offer, but most importantly persuade them to buy them. We have said this before and we will say it again, but if you get a million visitors to your online store but none of them buys anything, what’s the point?

Our job is to persuade them to buy. If you like, we are your window dressers. We display your products in such a way that your visitors love what they see and can’t wait to get their credit cards out. That is exactly how Amazon works, and if you think about it they are not doing too badly!

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