Reasons For Using A Professional Website Design Company

Your website is the front door to your online business and as such it must create a great first impression. The old saying is that you only get one chance to create a good first impression and it is very true.

This is why you need to use a website design company to create and maintain your website. It is true that there are ways to build a website online, such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and many others, but you won’t get all of the benefits that you do with a company that specialises in website design. You need certain codes, plugins, headers, and images in order to make your website look sharp.

You need to have SEO incorporated into your website if you want to be on the first page of Google, and you DO want to be on the first page of Google. It’s a fact that only 10% of people ever click on to page two, so if you are not on the first page you have already lost 90% of your potential customers!

Your website also needs to be mobile responsive. That means that it must be readable to people searching on mobile phones or tablets, as more and more people do every day. According to the website Statista, in 2010 the percentage of traffic on the web being accessed via mobiles was just 2.9%. Today in 2018 that is now 52.2%! Yes, more than half of all web traffic comes from mobiles! A web design company like The Random Agency will ensure that your website is mobile responsive.

One of the dangers of the DIY approach to website design is that there are plenty of things that can go wrong. If they do, do you know how to fix them? A professional web designer will ensure that they don’t go wrong in the first place.

Your website also needs to be fast loading. You have probably experienced this yourself: if a website takes forever to load it is not very long before you click away and go somewhere else. In addition, your website needs to look trustworthy and professional. Let’s face it: there are plenty of cowboys out on the internet and if you want visitors to click on your links your website has to look great.

Those are just some of the reasons for using a professional website designer. There are more.

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